New Years resolutions

I know that I, like many others, at the beginning of the year like to make New Years resolutions. Then try like crazy for the first few months to keep them. This year is no exception. This year, my resolutions include: in terms of my diabetes I am giving up regular soda (I’m an addict, I admit it), watching my diet and exercising more. As for writing, I admit that family drama and schedules have taken over my writing time and as of this month, I am going to make more time for my writing. Me time. After the kids go to bed.

Writing during the day is impossible. Before bedtime the children come first. Getting them ready for school, organizing their homework and academics, being involved in scouts (I am my daughters Daisy Scout Leader and my husband is my son’s Cubmaster), sports (they will be playing RHSC house soccer come the spring), their science fairs, music concerts, play dates, etc. I also have walking the dog, and housework, errands, cooking, etc that is normal day to day. I’m sure I’m not the only writer to run into such a schedule pinch. This year it is my hope to manage my time better to get my writing done. I figure if I make it public, I’m more likely to stick to it. My readers can send me tweets to push me along! LOL

If I may suggest a New Years resolution for you, reading more is always good for the mind. And if you’ve gotten a new Kindle or Nook, you are picking out titles to start reading, may I suggest taking a look at my first e-book, The Guardian of Bastet, available through my publisher, Carina Press, or at Amazon & Barnes and Noble, iTunes or It has gotten some great reviews, which boost my morale and give me that extra “push” to continue writing. *wink

Happy New Year!

Reviews of The Guardian of Bastet

All Things Urban Fantasy called it  “a fun, witty, new urban fantasy novel with a very sassy and unique cat-shifter heroine.”

From the Vampire Book Club: The Guardian of Bastet is “a fun mystery with a good cast of characters.”

Reading the Paranormal said The Guardian of Bastet is, “a fun and intriguing urban fantasy with a sassy, cat-shiftin’ main character who sometimes gets frisky with the wrong sort of guy.”