I’m back

For readers who do not know, most of my time in the last few months has been spent helping to care for my grandmother on weekends during her last illness. For me, family comes first, even before my writing career, so I took a break while my family and I have dealt with this. She passed away last weekend and is at peace. I appreciate everyone’s patience during this time. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.
It looks like I’m still having website issues with jacquelinebattisti.com so I will be using my wordpress site as my main site until that issue is settled. What a pain!
I am also revising what book 2 & 3 will be for Trinity. Now that I can concentrate on more than the craziness that has been my life, I realize that I need to get back into Trinity’s voice and attitude…which is currently missing in my writing. It’s hard to write snarky funny while dealing with end of life issues at home. I hope to go back to having a sense of humor…and being able to write with it soon.
Have a great day!


After realizing that my website went down and GoDaddy wasn’t helping me fix it, I decided to concentrate on my wordpress site until I can get someone, better than me, to design my home page on jacquelinebattisti.com.  Of course, that meant I had to update all the links, etc. But…oh well…gotta love technology.


I am still brainstorming a synopsis for book 2 that is a cross-genre. And I am getting some help now from my editor so I stop banging my head against the wall. I need to focus the book onto one main arc…and my mind is still jumbled with all the subplots and twists that it’s hard to unknot the tangled web of arcs. But I am working hard at it.  I am actually learning quite a bit on a few author loops I’m on…RWA’s Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal and Carina Press authors are keeping me sane. I am also anxiously awaiting my first writers group meeting in quite some time to catch up with the girls and see what everyone else is working on. It’s a great motivator for me to get my stuff done.


I guess it’s time to take the Nyquil, get some sleep and try to kick this virus that my family, whom were sick last week, were kind enough to share with me. Good night all! 


So, I’m working on book two (the sequel to the Guardian of Bastet) and one of the questions that keeps bothering me is the love interest. In book 1 my protagonist fell into lust with the Alpha werewolf. But he’s overprotective, possessive, etc. In book 2 I want to have her hook up with a normal human (her BFF from childhood) but have her meet other “potentials” at the beginning, (vampire, necromancer and witch) and decide at the end that her BFF is the better choice for her. But, how many “potentials” are too many to choose from in one book? Decisions, decisions. Would love some feedback!

New Years resolutions

I know that I, like many others, at the beginning of the year like to make New Years resolutions. Then try like crazy for the first few months to keep them. This year is no exception. This year, my resolutions include: in terms of my diabetes I am giving up regular soda (I’m an addict, I admit it), watching my diet and exercising more. As for writing, I admit that family drama and schedules have taken over my writing time and as of this month, I am going to make more time for my writing. Me time. After the kids go to bed.

Writing during the day is impossible. Before bedtime the children come first. Getting them ready for school, organizing their homework and academics, being involved in scouts (I am my daughters Daisy Scout Leader and my husband is my son’s Cubmaster), sports (they will be playing RHSC house soccer come the spring), their science fairs, music concerts, play dates, etc. I also have walking the dog, and housework, errands, cooking, etc that is normal day to day. I’m sure I’m not the only writer to run into such a schedule pinch. This year it is my hope to manage my time better to get my writing done. I figure if I make it public, I’m more likely to stick to it. My readers can send me tweets to push me along! LOL

If I may suggest a New Years resolution for you, reading more is always good for the mind. And if you’ve gotten a new Kindle or Nook, you are picking out titles to start reading, may I suggest taking a look at my first e-book, The Guardian of Bastet, available through my publisher, Carina Press, or at Amazon & Barnes and Noble, iTunes or Audible.com. It has gotten some great reviews, which boost my morale and give me that extra “push” to continue writing. *wink

Happy New Year!

Reviews of The Guardian of Bastet

All Things Urban Fantasy called it  “a fun, witty, new urban fantasy novel with a very sassy and unique cat-shifter heroine.”

From the Vampire Book Club: The Guardian of Bastet is “a fun mystery with a good cast of characters.”

Reading the Paranormal said The Guardian of Bastet is, “a fun and intriguing urban fantasy with a sassy, cat-shiftin’ main character who sometimes gets frisky with the wrong sort of guy.”

Location, Location, Location


The Guardian of Bastet is set in Rochester, New York and it’s suburbs. Why? Because of the mundane reason that this is where I live and am inspired to write. Mount Hope Cemetery, was one location inspiration. Just to introduce you to it, here is a blurb from our very own Friends of Mount Hope website, “Dedicated in 1838 in Rochester NY, Mount Hope is America’s first municipal Victorian cemetery.
Set in a picturesque landscape shaped by retreating glaciers, the cemetery features 82 mausoleums, soaring Egyptian obelisks, winged angels of mercy, a Florentine cast-iron fountain, two stone chapels in Gothic Revival style, a Moorish gazebo, and infinitely varied tombstones marking 350,000 graves across 196 acres.”
This is where Susan B. Anthony, Amy Post  and Frederick Douglass are buried. It isn’t just a cemetery, though. It’s a place of art and history. And let’s not forget the ghost stories around here. Some consider Mount Hope the most haunted cemetery in New York State. Prior to it being built, the native Americans that lived near the area believed the grounds were haunted.  There are books published about “Haunted Rochester.” That you can find at most book stores and online. It was a great place for me to set the “demon conjuring.”  In the area that really is called the Devil’s Bowl!
There is one other location that I want to mention. A place that is almost a character in itself. In The Guardian of Bastet, Vincent lives in the “only castle in Rochester.” Well, his castle was inspired by Warner Castle, which sits right across from Mount Hope Cemetery. It has everything a castle could want, a guard tower, rolling lawns, a secret sunken garden, and of course, the castle. Here is a blurb from it’s official website, The Rochester Civic Garden Center “Horatio Gates Warner designed his home, Warner Castle, built in 1854, to resemble the ancestral castle of the Clan Douglas.  The Sunken Garden designed by famous landscape architect, Alling S. DeForest.”

  The sunken Gardens:
Even if your not a fan of Rochester yet, I hope I’ve peaked your interest enough to discover us, and all the great spooky stories that inspired The Guardian of Bastet and it’s characters.

Bronwyn’s inspiration

For those of you who believe cats are aloof and loners, let me just say this: I have been in bed rest this past week and my two cats took turns so that there was always one on my bed next to me all week. My female, Grace, was actually my inspiration for my Bronwyn character in The Guardian of Bastet. Even when my kids are bored with my company, my kitties are there asking no more from me than my companionship.

My first review

Here is my first official review from RT Book Reviews!



Jacqueline M. Battisti

**** ½

TOP PICK! By the end of the first two paragraphs, readers will be absolutely hooked. The dialogue in this book is uproariously funny, the characters are unforgettable and the surprising powers and plot twists will have readers eager to see more from this talented new novelist.

Check out the review in it’s entirety at RT Book Reviews

My first review…