I’m back

For readers who do not know, most of my time in the last few months has been spent helping to care for my grandmother on weekends during her last illness. For me, family comes first, even before my writing career, so I took a break while my family and I have dealt with this. She passed away last weekend and is at peace. I appreciate everyone’s patience during this time. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.
It looks like I’m still having website issues with jacquelinebattisti.com so I will be using my wordpress site as my main site until that issue is settled. What a pain!
I am also revising what book 2 & 3 will be for Trinity. Now that I can concentrate on more than the craziness that has been my life, I realize that I need to get back into Trinity’s voice and attitude…which is currently missing in my writing. It’s hard to write snarky funny while dealing with end of life issues at home. I hope to go back to having a sense of humor…and being able to write with it soon.
Have a great day!


After realizing that my website went down and GoDaddy wasn’t helping me fix it, I decided to concentrate on my wordpress site until I can get someone, better than me, to design my home page on jacquelinebattisti.com.  Of course, that meant I had to update all the links, etc. But…oh well…gotta love technology.


I am still brainstorming a synopsis for book 2 that is a cross-genre. And I am getting some help now from my editor so I stop banging my head against the wall. I need to focus the book onto one main arc…and my mind is still jumbled with all the subplots and twists that it’s hard to unknot the tangled web of arcs. But I am working hard at it.  I am actually learning quite a bit on a few author loops I’m on…RWA’s Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal and Carina Press authors are keeping me sane. I am also anxiously awaiting my first writers group meeting in quite some time to catch up with the girls and see what everyone else is working on. It’s a great motivator for me to get my stuff done.


I guess it’s time to take the Nyquil, get some sleep and try to kick this virus that my family, whom were sick last week, were kind enough to share with me. Good night all!