Getting ready for RT

I am very excited to be packing and getting ready to attend the RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans from May 13-18th. This is not my first time going (I’ve been twice before) but it is the first time as a published author. I can’t wait to meet with readers from the other side of the event. LOL And I’m still a huge fangirl of my favorite authors, and many will be there as well. (Yes, I will be lining up to get their autographs, too!) If your attending, don’t be shy. Come on over and say hi. I will also be at Club RT on Thursday and Friday at 10AM. Come meet me and grab some swag!


Where has the time gone??

Finally put an update up on the blog. I think I need an assistant just to remind me to do this!

Jacqueline M. Battisti

I can’t get over how much time has passed since I posted to my own blog. I’ve been on others 🙂 and I post to twitter and Facebook all the time. Sometimes I forget their not all linked…

For the last few months, I have been dealing with medical issues that have considerably limited my ability to get anything done. That includes writing. (And housework, errands, reading, etc.) (I know for those that follow me on Facebook you have been reading about this since Jan.)

But I am here to post that I am finally back to normal (and as healthy as I tend to get) and I’m BACK!!!!  No more high blood pressure headaches, complete bedrest, no more back issues… YEAH! I’m learning to become an insulin diabetic and watching my diet much better than I had been. So, it’s been a long haul, but I see improvements and so do…

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