My release date is coming up soon and there is still so much to do. I’m getting there, one day and one task at a time, but it seems as if by a snails pace. The kids schedules have kept me busy this summer. This is the first week both my kids weren’t in some kind of day camp. Dakota is down to Tues/Thurs now until mid August so things should start settling down. Brendan was excited that today he could stay in his pajamas most of the day (until his soccer game this evening, anyway.) We are also preparing for Dakota’s 5th birthday this week, and I know she is keeping me busy. Everything pink, purple and princess. That’s my girl.

I’ve also been lurking on the Carina Authors email loop. I’m getting jealous as the RWA Conference begins. So many opportunities to meet up with other authors, staff members and network. Great workshops and book signings. I can’t wait until next year and can go.

Hopefully, once fall begins, my writer’s group will get back together (we have ALL been extremely busy this summer) and I can start making my current WIP even better. Not to mention, with my youngest entering Kindergarten, I’ll have more time to write consistently each day. Perhaps crack down and get disciplined, because I know right now my discipline is almost non-existant and takes a back seat to the children, husband, new puppy and house. I’m thinking of making a permanent scheduling block of 11am-1pm as writing time. No phones, no internet, no nothing except my keyboard and imagination.

Here’s to hoping!

I also wanted to take just a moment to express my condolences to all those that lost a loved one during the horrific events in Aurora Colorado on Friday. I have to admit, it made me think twice about my date night on Saturday to see the “The Dark Knight Rises” with hubby, but then I realized we can’t live our lives afraid of “might-be scenarios.” We can’t let the psychos win. Ever. Each day is a blessing. Recognize it and take advantage of each day. *stepping off the soapbox now….

My release date…